Driving with a friend

The drive of your life. Chris keeps you connected while you enjoy the open road.

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Driving with Chris
Chris is a smart mobile device for your car. Connect Chris to your smartphone while driving to operate messages, calls, music and navigation. Experience a new freedom at the wheel: Chris listens, learns and talks to you.
Chris speaks English!
The first version of Chris speaks and understands English and German. More languages will follow later.
Does it work in my car?
Yes, Chris works in every car, whatever the age or model.
  • Download & install the free app
  • Connect Chris to your smartphone (Bluetooth)
  • Connect Chris to your car audio (Bluetooth or FM)
Older car? Don´t worry, simply connect Chris to your car audio via its FM transmitter. 
How to get Chris
is now available on
Chris is now available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Early supporters save up to 47% on retail price of 299 EUR.
Kickstarter is simple: check out the page for our project Chris and select a reward - your contribution will only go through if there are enough supporters to reach our goal of 50.000 EUR.
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