Texting while driving

Texting while driving has never been that easy and convenient: Chris talks to you when you get a new message - and reads the text out loud if you want to hear it. Just tell Chris what you want to answer or use one of the quick replies to save time. You can also start a new conversation anytime.

And the best is: You don´t need to touch your phone or even look at it. Your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay on the road.

Messaging: Apps & Services

Facebook Messenger: Read, dictate and send messages
WhatsApp: Read, dictate and send messages
SMS: Read, dictate and send messages*
Email: Read, dictate and send messages
* send on Android only

What else does Chris do?

Driving with a friend: Chris is a smart mobile device for your car. Connect Chris to your smartphone while driving to operate messages, calls, music and navigation.

Experience a new freedom at the wheel: Chris listens, learns and talks to you.

Get yours for 199 EUR

-33% Kickstarter Special.
Global shipment from Feb 2018

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