The assistant for drivers

Focus on the road while Chris keeps you connected.

Chris - your digital co-driver

This conversational assistant built into a design device is the perfect companion for every car ride. Connect Chris to your smartphone and conveniently operate your favorite apps: Messaging, navigation, calls and music. Your eyes stay on the road as Chris listens and talks to you - just like a friend.

Listens and talks to you

Chris is a true no touch device. Thanks to its advanced microphone array you'll enjoy state-of-the-art speech recognition and never touch a button again. But that's by far not all: Chris actively talks to you if there are new messages or navigation updates - and is really fun to interact with.

With a move of your hand

Chris also features a remarkably intuitive gesture control, something you'll only find in latest high-end cars. Simply swipe left and right to navigate long lists or control the volume of your music without touching neither Chris nor your smartphone.

Access your favorite apps

Connect Chris to your smartphone while driving to operate messages, calls, music and navigation.

Growing platform

At launch Chris supports the most popular apps. Chris is built as an open platform which means that developers can create more and more apps and integrations over time.
Supported apps

Plug & Play

Just like a GPS, Chris works with every car, no matter age or model. Thanks to its suction cup mount with magnetic connection, Chris is installed and ready to use in less than 3 minutes.
1. Download & install the free app
2. Connect Chris to your phone (Bluetooth)
3. Connect Chris to your car audio by Bluetooth (optional)

Chris FM Transmitter

Don't you have Bluetooth in your car? No problem. By using an FM adapter, you can connect Chris to your car stereo through a free FM frequency.

Comparison Chart

All benefits at a glance.
Works in every car
Listens and talks to you 
Gesture control
Learns and responds
WhatsApp / SMS
Make and receive calls
Playing Music
Smartphone in the car
Siri & other assistants
CarPlay & Android Auto
GPS Navigation device
Your mum
not sure
other playlists

Order your Chris

Pre-orders shipped after IFA Berlin 2018
Shipment limited to EU 28 countries

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